• 8.2.2 Camping permits shall be issued at the parks on a "first-come, first served" basis. Campers shall be ready to set up camp on date of issuance. Permits shall not be issued by phone.
  • 8.2.3 Camping permits shall run from 1:00 PM on the date of permit to 11:00 AM at the end of the camping period as indicated on the permit.
  • Reservations may be made by visiting or by calling 1-877-742-2675.
  • 7.3 The person, to whom a camping permit is granted, shall be eighteen (18) years of age or older, shall be an occupant of the campsite, shall state the first and last names of members of the party, and shall be responsible for his or her party’s compliance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Environmental Management and all other applicable laws. Only those members listed shall use the campsites. Only one family (immediate family) is allowed per campsite. Non-family groups shall be limited to six (6) persons per campsite. Any person or persons voided on a camping permit are not allowed to reenter any camping area for the duration of the camping season.
  • 7.7 All campground permit holders must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.  No person shall occupy a campground for more than a continuous two (2) week period, with a seven-day minimum break prior to any re-occupancy. Permit renewals are limited to three within the two-week maximum period and must be obtained prior to 8:30 AM on the date of permit expiration. Charlestown Breachway, Ninigret Conservation Area are excepted from this rule.
  • RI General Law 42-17.1-45  allows you the privilege of bringing your pet (limited to cats and dogs only) to overnight campgrounds in RI state parks.  Specific requirements and pet policies apply. 
  • 7.6 All visitors shall be out of the campsites by 10:00 PM each night. Campers shall be quiet between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.
  • 7.8 Each campsite must be occupied on the first night of the permit and must be occupied at least four (4) nights during each week of the camping period.  Noncompliance with the above is grounds for immediate revocation of the permit.
  • 17.6 The feeding of all wildlife, migratory waterfowl, or any feral animal is prohibited within any State Park, Beach, or Management Area.
  • 20.8 No person shall wash, polish, clean, change oil, or repair any motor vehicle or motorcycle in a public reservation.
  • 7.9 Public nudity is prohibited. No person shall disrobe other than in tents, campers or other properly designated structures.
  • 25.1 No person shall bathe or swim except in areas specifically designated for such purposes and only during posted or permitted times.
  • 7.1 The washing of clothes, cooking utensils and actions relating to one’s personal hygiene shall be limited to a designated campsite or to facilities provided for that purpose.
  • 12.1 No person shall kindle an open fire, including charcoal fires, except in designated areas or with official written permission. From March 15th through May 15th, no open fires are allowed between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM without burning permit issued by local fire department.
  • 30.2 All persons failing to pay or evade payment of any user or admission fee shall be subject to the penalty provision R.I.G.L.1956 (1982 Reenactment) 32.2.4 as amended.
  • 13.1 No person shall possess, drink, sell or offer for sale any alcoholic beverages.


  • Bicycle Riding

  • Bird Watching

  • Boat Launch

  • Boating

  • Cabins

  • Horseshoes

  • Canoe Rental

  • Canoeing

  • Camp Store

  • Dump Stations

  • Fishing

  • Basketball Court

  • Volleyball

  • Shelter

  • Arcade Room

  • Hiking Trails

  • Lake

  • Nature Center

  • Picnic Tables

  • Playground

  • Ranger Station

  • Coin-op Showers

  • Sunbathing

  • Lake Swimming

  • Portajons

  • Flush Toilets​

  • Drinking Water

  • Campfire Pits


with pets

general rules

  • Only one family (immediate family) is allowed per campsite. It is strongly recommended that families over (6) reserve an additional site due to the size of the campsites.
  • Non-family groups shall be limited to (6) persons per campsite.
  • Cabins sites are limited to a maximum of (6) persons and the amount of vehicles listed on the site description, no exceptions.
  • Cabins can only accommodate 4 persons.
  • Campsites with a maximum vehicle length based on the site description will accommodate one (1) wheeled unit plus the specified number of tents, unless otherwise stated in the park or site alerts.
  • Campsites with a maximum vehicle length of 0’ in the site description are for tent camping only.
  • Number of tents allowed on a camp site varies from campground to campground and can be found in the specific site description.
  • QUIET HOURS: 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  • GENERATOR QUIET HOURS: 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. (No Exceptions)
  • CHECK IN: 1:00 p.m. CHECK OUT: 11:00 a.m.
  • Violations of any rules are grounds for revocation of permits.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited and possession of alcohol is grounds for immediate revocation of camping permit.
  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited and possession of fireworks is grounds for immediate revocation of camping permit.
  • Please be aware that each campground may have its own specific rules in addition to the above.

Requirements for Pets and Pet Owners: No more than 2 pets per campsite. The owner of all pets is responsible for proper disposal of all animal waste. All dogs must be wearing a collar with valid license tag. All cats must be readily identifiable (e.g. tags, tattoos or an ear notch). Owners may be required to show a current rabies vaccination certificate. All pets must be under control at all times on a leash of not more than six feet [6'] in length. The release of any pet within any state park, management area, or beach is strictly prohibited. Pets are prohibited from all state bathing beaches. Owners shall make every attempt to keep their pets quiet at all times, especially between 10pm and 7am. Washing of pets is prohibited in any natural water body. Pets are prohibited from the Burlingame picnic area from Apr 1 through Sept. 30. All escapes, bites to humans/other animals, and contact with wildlife must be reported to appropriate park staff.

documentation of law

for pets in campgrounds

Violation of any of the above requirements or any provision of DEMs Park and Management Area Rules and Regulations may result in eviction from the park/mgmt area and penalties not to exceed $100 for each violation. Violations of RI rabies laws and regulations are considered misdemeanor offenses in accordance with RIGL S4-13-32, and can result in seizure and impounding of the pet.


In addition to the requirements of this policy governing pets in Burlingame State Park, all other applicable sections of DEMs Park and Management Area Rules and Regulations shall continue to be enforced.​

Burlingame State Campground

RI State Parks use "ReserveAmerica" as their reservation service. you may phone the Call Center (1-877-742-2675) or online  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.




Great news!... Campers are no longer restricted to certain camping areas during the early and late seasons! All campsites and cabins are available from the open until the close of the season.

And as a bonus, all bathrooms are also available during the entire camping season!

the man on the mountain did not just fall there

There are approximately 713 campsites (including cabins) available for rent at Burlingame. Each site includes a fire pit and picnic table. For camper's convenience, campsites have been established as "Back-in" or "Pull-through".  No shade, partly shaded, or full shade campsites are available throughout the park. There are NO water, electric, or sewer hookups. Public water spigots are located in various locations within the campground. Flush toilets and coin operated showers are located in six buildings on the property. There are electrical outlets in the bathrooms. No soap or hand towels are supplied.  Dump stations are located on property.

The 20 cabins available at Burlingame State Campground are rustic cabins with NO utilities; water, electric, sewer offered. The cabins have two bunk beds available in each. The bunk beds have springs/board for the base. Mattresses and bedding are not provided. Air mattresses or bed rolls are strongly recommended. All cabins have a small covered porch.

early and

Late season


Reservations are accepted up to a maximum of twelve (12) months in advance of the current date. Reservations may also be made up to midnight, one day prior to the arrival date. Customers that wish to book a site the day of arrival can register directly at the park on a first come, first served basis. Photo ID is required for check in at the park and must consist of a driver's license, passport, or military ID. 

Cancellation Policy: 

Cancellations are subject to fees based on the notice given and may be made through the call center up to the day of arrival. Reservations that are canceled prior to arrival day will be charged a $10 cancellation fee as well as the reservation fee. Cancellation of any portion of the reservation after arrival day is subject to the State of Rhode Island policy of no refunds unless authorized by the Director or designee. Requests must be submitted in writing to the Chief of the Division of Parks and Recreation and in all instances a service charge consisting of the fee for two days will be deducted for each campsite reserved. Dissatisfaction for reasons of weather, site conditions or natural phenomena are not considered sufficient cause for granting a refund. Nor may refunds be granted for any days which the site was occupied. If you do not arrive at the campground and do not cancel the reservation in accordance to the policy above, you will forfeit your entire payment. Refunds for all reservations are only given in special circumstances where approved by the Rhode Island DEM.

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