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Campsites 501-600

If you want to see deer and other wildlife, grab a site in the high 500s.  Many of these campsites have pretty easy access to some of the main roads which make coming and going from/to the main entrance easy.


More often then not you will have your own shower stall, but there is a community changing area.  There are some that allow private space right outside your shower stall. Electrical outlets are provided in all bathrooms. No soap or paper towels are provided.

Many of the campsites at Burlingame State Campground do not run in subsequent order. Location patterns are irregular. Large blocks of campsites are purposely left obsolete in photo galleries. Always rely on a campground map to locate your campsite and travel within the park.



campsites 1-100

Follow Burlingame Park Rd. around the East Rotary. Bear right onto Main Rd.

Located in the Main Camp Area (East), these campsite tend to be smaller and closer together (With a few exceptions).  However, families with children love being close to the lake front. 5 shared water spigots and one main bath/shower house are located in this area.

Misc. building & Areas

Basketball, Volleyball and open rec areas are located in Legiontown Camp. Playground located near camp store. Check-in station is open 24 hours.  Have the phone # handy in case you run into problems.  Security routinely cruises the campground.

Campsites 601-700

Located mainly in the Legiontown Camp Area, these sites are mostly full sun with grassy areas.  About 20 are set back into the woods in two sections. Some sit along outer rim of campground.


If you don't have a tent or RV, try out a cabin.  Two sets of bunks with a middle space and windows. All cabins also have small covered porch.  No electricity or water hookups.  The cabins in the Fisherman's Camp are very popular as you can wake up and launch your boat or walk over to the pond to fish.

i see your true colors

Campsites 301-400

Travel towards the far side of the campground and you'll find these good size sites. Most are well spaced with plenty of tree coverage.  Of course you'll find sites of all sizes mixed in, so browse all photos before you choose.  Pretty quiet area at night. 

Campsites 701-825

Some of these sites are located in the front part of Legiontown and another large grouping is set in the Mills Camps Area. Larger RVs have a much easier time maneuvering through these sites as there are many pull- throughs in Mills Camp.

campsites 101-200

These three separate groupings are popular with campers that want easy access to swimming/fishing areas but desire a bit more privacy. Fisherman's Area has boat ramp, one spigot and a bath house. Main Camp N&W must share water spigots in Main Camp East.    

Campsites 401-500

The 400s have the most diverse selection of campsites available.   From tents only, to a couple of the biggest group sites in the campground, there is a good chance you'll find a few favorites along this expansive section.

The Asian Longhorned Beetle does not spread quickly on its own, but it can easily be inadvertently transported in untreated firewood and other forest products. All Rhode Island visitors and residents are reminded to purchase firewood from local sources and not transport firewood from out of state. Firewood brought into Rhode Island from infested areas can easily bring along unwanted hitch hikers like ALB, EAB and other harmful forest pests.

Burlingame State Campground

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campsites 201-300

Mostly semi-wooded sites with a good amount of privacy. There are quite a few large sites with open fronts that back up to trees.  Good for people who want side by side sites for group camping, but still desire some privacy. Sites become more shaded as you near fish camp.

into the light of the dark black night