Burlingame State Campground

We've put lots of important state and local links in one place. Whether you want to apply for a clamming license, get a wildlife vanity plate, browse parks or check out tourism ... you'll find it here.

Burlingame State Campground

Can I bring my pet? Is my favorite site available that week? What will my site look like? There are probably a ton of questions you want answered on day to day life at Burlingame. See alerts or view park regulations by following our links.

Burlingame State Campground

no better ambiance on earth



We know there is life outside of Burlingame, so we've put together some links to info that we've looked for ourselves once or twice.  Keep in mind that these are just a fraction of whats available around town. Submit your favorites using the form on our contact page.


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Burlingame State Campground



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Burlingame State Campground